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Dr. Ani D. Chitaley FundReveal Founder and President Head of Research  

Dr. Ani D. Chitaley

Founder & President, Head of Research

Dr. Ani Chitaley holds a ScD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MBA from Case Western Reserve University, and a Masters from ITT Bombay. He has been working in the financial investment industry over the last 19 years, beginning with Fidelity's mutual fund management division.At Fidelity he applied his experience in management process redesign, and mathematical modeling to create industry-leading solutions in trading and investment management. His work transformed equity trading from traditional order processors to value adders, and saved trading costs over $1 billion for Fidelity's mutual funds.During a major industry wide SEC investigation, Ani’s pioneering initiative to create and implement an institutional trading quality and performance measurement system was the key to proving that the trading floor maintained “best-execution” fiduciary responsibility.He also led innovative initiatives for ECN (electronic crossing networks) virtual integration and algorithmic trading that are being practiced on the trading floors of large brokerages and investment banks. He left Fidelity as a Senior VP of Equity Trading Research in 2007.Driven by his recent research in portfolio optimization and mutual fund risk-return behavior, Ani founded Investment Risk Management Systems Inc. (IRMS) in 2009, to provide risk management tools and algorithmic investment products in mutual funds, ETFs and stocks to advisors and investors.He envisions three challenges for the mutual fund and ETF investment management industry over the next decade: Fee structure that is based on performance delivered to investors, and not simply on the amount of assets managed; Investment guidance systems that work in the new global markets driven by ever increasing market uncertainty, and; Guides or Coaches who can empower the increasing number of DIY, self-managing investors with the right know-how and information.Ani is also a veteran, highly resourceful engineer, skilled at systems thinking. He has made significant contributions in organization, management and assurance of manufacturing process quality. Before joining Fidelity Investments, Ani had worked in management, consulting, and engineering positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Booz-Allen and Hamilton, B. F. Goodrich Aerospace, and Godrej & Boyce of India. His innovative solutions in engineering include the following.

  • Solving a major process quality problem to improve the reliability of the ablative insulation shield used to protect the external fuel tanks of the Space Shuttle.
  • Development of new methods for testing friction and wear of defense aircraft brake materials, and development of aircraft brake heat dissipation designs.
  • Several solution concepts for improvement of process quality and reliability for the Air Force funded Technology Modernization Program for the F16 jet aircraft.
  • Increasing yield and reducing delays in assembly of stacked hard-disc drives.
  • Incisive evaluation of the robotics market, contradicting the 1983 Wall Street predictions that were being accepted by large U.S. corporations, while the Japanese were quietly developing sensors, probes, control systems, AI methods and machine learning, that have now become critical for robotics.
  • India market penetration strategies and tactics for U.S. based manufacturers of microwave equipment and commercial fire alarms.

Ani can be reached at

Anthony M. DuBon FundReveal Vice President Strategy and Operations  

Anthony M. DuBon

Vice President, Strategy and Operations

Anthony DuBon holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and an AB degree from Harvard College. He has held management, consulting, and operational positions at Fidelity Investments and Digital Equipment Corporation. Anthony has deep experience in process engineering and redesign that he applied to operational and investment activities at Fidelity. Anthony joined Fidelity in 1995 and managed the transformation of the Fixed Income Mutual Funds Division, a $250 billion Group. He implemented Targeted Active Management, a structured investment decision-making process, which radically improved investment performance. Anthony joined Investment Risk Management Systems Inc. in 2009 to develop business strategy, run operations, and communicate the benefits of the company's risk management products to investors and advisors.

Suzana S. Naik FundRevealChief Operating Officer  

Suzana S. Naik

Chief Operating Officer

Suzana is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience in international finance, planning, strategy and operations across different industries and dynamic environments. She joined Investment Risk Management Systems Inc. in 2014 as the Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Suzana is responsible for the company's day-to-day operations including its Finance, Accounting and Strategy functions.Suzana comes from Family Dollar Stores Inc, where she was the Vice-President of Decision Support & Business Analytics. Before Family Dollar, she served in various financial leadership roles at "best-in-class" global companies such as Gillette, Compaq, Staples' and Dunkin' Brands. She has lived and worked in North America, Europe and Asia over the last 20 years. Suzana holds a B.Comm. from Pune University, India, and received her MBA from Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada. She has also completed her Post-graduate Certificate in Special Studies and her Post-graduate Certificate in Applied Sciences, both from Harvard University, Boston, USA.

Rupa Naik,Vice President,Technology  

Rupa S. Naik

Vice President, Technology

Rupa is an accomplished technical leader and software engineer with over 15 years of experience in software design and developement.She has significant experience in leading development projects as well as handling critical customer environment working with service and support organizations.She joined Investment Risk Management Systems Inc. in 2014. As the VP of Technology,Rupa is responsible for the company's technology direction and architecture. Rupa's prior experience includes CA Technologies(Concord Communications) and Harte Hanks Data Technologies where she played a crucial role in software design and development,specializing in database technologies.Rupa holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Math from Maharaja Sayajirao University India, and a MS in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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